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APRIL 2017

April 25, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order

Report from board of directors meeting

Report from zone meeting

Guests – Bob and Steve from Aberdeen club

Steve gave a check for $80.00 for those who did not show at our charter party

Steve also made a toast for the togetherness of our clubs

Gary gave Aberdeen a check fir bicycles from heaven

Program – Jerry Erickson introduced John Larson from the museum. He talked about the 100 years ago each day on the radio (what happened according to the paper). And a up-date if projects at the museum. A current project is restoring the brown house next to the museum. They applied for a state grant, but die to the state budget – maybe next year. Another new project is to restore the speeder. Questions and answers followed. Good informational program – well done John.

Pot – Rudy


April 18, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Directors meeting Thursday at noon

Zone meeting Thursday at 5:30.

Spring conference May 19-20.

White cane day sign up sheet is filled up.

Thursday May 25 – cop and firefighter dinner 5:50. cost about $20.00 salmon or steak

Students of the month – Bianka Kopez and Oscar Joya

Program – Jerry McFeely introduce Mark McFeely who manages Hoquiam Plywood.

It is now owned by Willis Ent.  60% of what they produce goes to Canada and 49% in the U S. Sales are now about 2 million a month. And they go through about 6 million board feet a month. They have been in business since 1955 and are planning to build a new warehouse. They make 4′ x 8′ sheets. Great information on the mill operations.

Pot- Jerry E.


April 11, 2917  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Sign up fot white cane day with Ray.

20th – directors meeting – noom

Student of the month – next week

Program – Julian from Habitat for humanity volunteer coordinator. Habitat for humanity of Grays Harbor is a locally part of the internationally Habitat group. She discussed all the different ways one can volunteer. She also wants to start two committees. Qestions and answers followed.

Pot – Paul M.


April 4, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Birthdays – Roger S and Ed Wayman.Stacy McFeely

Directors meeting April 20th noon.

Guest – Bonny McFeely.

Program – Jerry McFeely introduced who is involved in a animal rescue place in Yakima. She brought her certified therapy dog who was born with no front elbows and abanded. She belongs to ‘Love On A Leash’ and goes to nursing homes, schools and such to talk about rescued pets. They do mostly dogs and cats and have about 40 on site at any given time. About 600 are adopted each year for the last 9 years. The animals have to be trained to get certified and have to have a )like a drivers liscense) that says what theu are trained to do. There are between 100 to 150 volenteers to make this work. A very touching program/

Pot – Dave Wayman

MARCH 2017

March 28, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Thanks to everyone who attended the charter party.

White canes day coming up – sign up with Ray

Program – Mary introduced Waylan Roberts. an intern for the city (Brian Shay) who is working on the library project. They need $250,000 to finish and would like everyone to write their reps. in Olympia on how important the library is to the community.

POT – Larry Jones ( in Arizona or someplace )


arch 21, 2017  Al Brun rporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.


Program – Jerry S.  He read his new western poetry drafts ” stage cosch and wells fargo ” and ” the body that wandered “. alsso a story about ” one eyed charley  parkerst ” (he was a she). Another great job by Jerry.

Pot – Pete Hagg


March 14, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion called the meeting to order.

Guests were the mom and grandma of Anthony – student of the month

Charter Party next Thursday at 5:30.  $20.00 – sign up with Jerry S.

Paul M. told about going to the high school and telling the kids about the scholarships.

Brock told about the Peterson play field project we want to consider

Students of the month – Anthony Ness and Erika Devore.

Program – Mary presented a lot if information on Billy Gohl. He was born in Germany in 183 and came here in 1896. He was a strong arm man for the union. He was arrested for murder and suspected of arson and smuggling. He would ‘pay’ back anyone who crossed him He lived in Aberdeen. At his trial it took 157 people to get a jury panel.It was held in Monty and on May 12, 1910 he was convicted of 1st degree murder of Hoffman. He was sent to Walla Walla. He went insane and was sent to Medical Lake where he dies in 1927.

Great History Presentation.

Pot – Jack Durney


March 7, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Birthdays – Rudy, Mel. Tracy, Dean, Mary

Mar 23 – Charter Party – $20.00 – 5:30 -sign up with Jerry S. – steak or salmon.

Program – Jerry S. told us all about the sub H. L. Hunly It was launched in 1863 and had a crew of 8. It was 40′ long. 1st attempt to use it 5 died. 2nd attempt 8 died. 3rd attempt it used a spar pole system to sink other ships, but it sunk with 8 dead.

He also told us about the iron clads. In 1861 James Eads was contacted to design an iron clad with 4″ steel plates to protect the sides. It was steam powered and had a crew of 320. It was rnamed the CSS Virginia and was blown up to keep from the Union from getting it. The Monitor was 179′ with a crew of 49, but it was on its way back north and sunk in a storm. Very good information program

Pot – McFeely


February 28, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Guest – Jenny Durney

Mar 23 – charter party. 5:30 – $20.00 _ steak or salmon – sign up next week

Read thank you note from Jim Wyrich.

Program – Jenny Potts the new director of the YMCA. The Y stresses emphany and relationships. She told us about the many, many programs they do to  benefit the community such as: harbor after school programming ( 400 kids per day ), impact center activities, child care ( up to 100 kids ), summer time school help, swimming endowment program, camp Bishop ( over 500 kids )solving hunger together, busy town, and many others. There are over 7,000 members. Their annual fund raiser is April 12th at the Y at 5:00 to 7:00. good information.

Pot – Tracy Pelan ( not in attendance).


February 21, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

king Lion Gary  called the meeting to order.

Report on the zone meeting.

March 23 – charter party. steak or salmon $20.00

May –  white cane days

May 19 and 20  spring conference at Ocean Shores.

Program – Jim Wyrich and his Eye Care We Care program. He showed us pictures and told us about his 5 mission trips to the Phillipines to fit the poor with glasses. He has a $20,00 budget for the program, but spends his own on getting there and back, hotel , etc. What a worthwhile project.

Pot – Joann (not in attendance)


February 14, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Zone meeting Thursday.

March 23 – charter party.

Larry reported on the great crab feed.

students of the month- Paige Falker and Jason V

program – Brock told us about the new changes in basketball playoffs. It is a new ranking system and sounds very complicated.

Cheri Edwards told us about school program (McKinny Vento) which helps homeless kids and the Indian education program.

Connie Parson (from Hoquiam Manor) told us about a “show and tell” project she is starting about the history of Hoquiam Manor and other things of the past. It will be April 22 (sat). She hopes to get a lot of history items and stories.

Pot – Paul M


February 7, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

Lion Jerry S called the meeting to order

Birthdays – Al. Bud, Joann, Paul M.

Feb 10th – crab prep 10:00, feed 6:00 at Cosi, $20.00 – Potluck

Feb 16th – zone meeting

Mar 23 – charter party  salmon or steak

May – white cane day

Program – Ray introduced Tom Taylor who is Hoquiam’s animal control, code compliance, parking officer. He also does polygraph testing for the county. He spent 22 years in law inforcement before moving here. Lots of information and good questions and answers.

Pot – Dee



January 31, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Feb 10th – crab clean 9:30 – feed at 6:00 cosi lions $2000 – potluck- see Larry

Feb 16 – zone meeting 6:00.

March 23 – 75th charter party  5:30  steak or salmon.

Joann was presented with 15 year pin.

Program – roger Rada from consulting firm for new school super.We discussed and filled out a question form on what the position description and leadership profile.for a new super. Everyone had input. Lots of good comments.

Pot – Bud


January 24, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

FEB 10th – crab prep 10:00 – crab feed 6:00 cosi lions – pot luck – see Larry J. sign up

Special program next week – panel to ask what everyone wants in a new school super.

Program – Ed Coyle introduced Stan Pennik and Kayla Dunlap from the port commission This was an update from the last visit (a couple of years ago). The port commission has been around for 105 years and they told us what ti currently going on, The Port is involved in 7 lines of business. Each line was explained along with the new deep draft to enable ships to fill up 100% instead of 60%.There has been a good amount of growth in the last couple of years with almost 100 ships coming to the port. This was a great amount of information. Good job Kayla and Stan!

Pot – Greg Grun


January 17, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order. Jerry  E. did a great job of leading the singing

Birthdays -Jerry S. and Ken Spaur

Crab feed Feb 10th at Cosi Lion at 5:30  cost will be $20.00 per person. Please sign up with Larry. packaging crab the 10th at 10:00 at Lytals oyster shack.

The meeting on the 31st wil be a discussion on what to look for in a new school super.

Program – Paul Dean introduced Monica Ewimg and Samantha Resler from Durney Insurance who talked about health care. What is going to happen when the new President is in office.? This is unknown at this time. It all costs more and their are less choices. So the advise is to shop around. This was an awful lot of information to understand. One could call or visit Monica at her office.

Pot- Jerry S,



January 10  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Birthdays – George Powers and Jerry Schaefer

It was announced that it was John Larson week.

Jack Strom has a car he wants to sell.

Students of the month – Katie Mudd and Ryan Espadal.

Program – Roger Smith presented the checks to the rain derby winners.

Pot – Joann, but she was not here.


January 3, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

As we had no birthday list or anyone that would admit to their birthday, we will do birthdays next week.

Guests –  Brett Pelan ( college xmas break ) and Glenn Thompson.

Chris invited everyone to the school directors meeting at 5:60 Thursday – learn about the process for a new superintendant..

Jerry E. read the history of St. Patrick day.

No program – but we had several jokes.

Next meeting – students of the month and rain derby winners.

Pot – Tracy Pelan



December 20, 2016  Al Bruun reporting


Tom and Jerry xmas party

Turkey bingo

Pot – Dee


December 13, 2016   Al Bruun reporting

King l\

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Guests – The Spradlins and Robinetts (parents of the students of the month.

20th tom/jerry/bingo next week. Starts at 11:00. $10.00 for lunch.

21st 10:30 – hand out hams at food bank.


Students of the month – Kayla Robinette and Zack Spradlin

No program

Pot – Jack Strom.


December 6, 2016  Al Bruun reporting.

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

The Drizzle was handed out.

Birthdays – Gary and Pete H.

Dec 20 – tom/Jerry party and turkey bingo. Start at 11:00

Dec 21 – hand out hams at food bank at 10:30

Dec 27 NO MEETING – kitchen being worked on

Program – Gordon introduced Moira Commers. They started Cultivariable about 3 years ago which sells seeds that are Andean root vegetables. Grow your own. See They sell OCA, YACON, ULLUCO, POTATO, and MASHUA. They can be used in salads, baked, roasted, etc. See the web site for instructions,  books and other information. At the end she cut up some to taste. Very interesting.

Pot – Paul P.


November 29, 2016  Al Bruun reporting.

Dec 20th – Tom & Jerry and turkey bingo. Start at 11:00

A thank you note from United Way was read.

Program – Pete Hagg introduced Jeff Fairchild from Vaughn Pumps. He went over the history. Jim Vaughn started the company in 1960 developing chopper pumps for dairy farms in spreading manure and went from there. The company has a very good reputation for their product. They are currently erecting two new warehouses for 48,000 square feet fo space. Overall the company will end up with 250,000 square feet. It is expected to have everything up and running in the spring. They employ 100 people at this time. Very interesting information.

Pot – Roger


November 22, 2016  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Thanks to roger for a great stub party. Special thanks to Jerry M. for bringing the two helpers. They did a outstanding job.

Thanks to the Lions that helped hand out turkeys at the food bank.

Al and Steve from the Aberdeen Club talked about the Salvation Army Kettle Clash on Dec 1, at 11:30 If you wish to attend $15.00 for lunch, and wear Lions gear.

Also an invite to their x-mas party Dec 12th at 5:30 at the Log Pavilion. Cost #30.00 for either prime rib or salmon.

Monarch Chevron earners – Roger 20 years, Ed 25 years, Jerry S. 35 years, Seppo 45 years, Bud 55 years

Pot – Seppo



November 15, 2016   Al Bruun reporting

Fuud bank 10:30 Monday – hand out turkeys

Sort party this Friday at 6:00

Program – Turkey Bingo

Pot – Paul P.


November 8, 2016  Al Bruun reporting

The meeting was called to order by VP Jerry M.

Turkey bingo next week  (15th ) bring souse. we will start early

Sort party ( 18th) 6:00 potluck catholic church meeting room

Students of the month – Jack Adams III and Ashley Paladin

Program — Bonnie Jump and foodball students. She told us some of the history and what foodball means. Paige told about presenting  foodball to a national meeting in Florida Sean (the junior chair) told about deducation and hard work. The club made a sizable donation.

Lind Borth told about the Hoquiam food bank and that it now serves 400 people per month. The food bank also received a sizable donation

Pot – donated to foodball



November 1, 2015

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Birthdays – Jerry E., Paul P. Mark M,. and Mike L.

Turkey Bingo Nov. 15th . Spouses welcome. Will start about 12:05.

Stub sorting party Nov 18th Catholic church at 6:00. It is pot luck.

Turkey hand out at food bank Nov 21 at 10:30

Ken Johnson service sat at Immanuel Baptist. Wake to follow at Elks.

Loggers play day consession profit was $2,665.95

Program _ Paul Dean talked about the ambulance bon levy to be voted on next Tuesday. it is to buy  one and repairs to the other three. They answer 3,000 calls a year. They do not generate enough money and operated in the red. There were many questions and answers. He also brought up two fires on Oct 30. One at Smidke’s and the other on Karr. Both are suspected to be arson. Good information Paul..

Pot – Jerry Erickson.


October 25, 2016  Al Bruun reporting.

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Directors meeting this Thursday at noon at Elks round table.

Stub party coming up in November

See Seppo- he has 1 shirt left size L $25.00

Rain so far 51.47″ – keep selling

Irv (from Aberdeen club) – On Nov 5 from 2 to 9 “Toast of the Harbor at Quinault casino.

$ 15.00 ahead of time, $20.00 at the door.

Aberdeen club xmas party at log palvilian Monday Dec 12 at 5;30. cost $30.00 a person.

Program – My Town Coalition.(A  program to help students do better in school.A group ofseniors help freshmen students. Data is being collected so they can plan appropriate activities. Brock and several students explained how it works. Part of the program is a section called Grizzly Fusion which is mentoring freshmen to get on the right track starting the first day of school. The program is like a camp counselor.

Pot – Rudy


October 18, 2016  Al Bruun reporting.

V P Jerry M called the meeting to order.

Rain derby – keep selling only 2 weeks left

Directors meeting 27th noon at Elks round table

Seppo has club shirts $25.00

Turkey bingo coming up

Food bank hand out turkeys coming up

Program – Roger introduces Corrie Schmidt the new finance director for the city. (been on the job for 2 months now). Currently learning how everything works.She graduated from HHS in 2003 and St, Martins 2007. Then worked in the state auditors office. There were lots of questions and she answered them with clarity. Thanks for all the information!

POT – Ray P.


October 11, 2016

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Oct 27 – directors meeting at noon at Elks

Rain derby – keep selling

Students of the month – Courtney McCormick: Is in Band, track, ASB VP. Favoret subject is calculus. Is in Hoquiam Police Explorers and the grange. Likes playing trumpet, singing, and drawing. plans – jazz trumpet. Wants to go to Eastern or Hawaii.. Unique – my dedication.

Artimas Johnson – unable to attend

Alexis Wanderly – soccer, cheerleading, leadership,Senior class VP and Grizzly Fusion program. Favorite subject ASL and leadership. Likes drawing and staying in shape. Western Oregon Univ. ASL major. Unique – grizzly spirit.

Chris Smith – Football, track, power lifting. Favorite subjects – math, science, history and computers. Helps with baseball and consessions. Likes biking, running, rock climbing, bdrawing and guiter. Go to UW major in computer science. Unique – be the best person I can be.

Program – Pete V introduce Shelli Johnson who is the marketing director for Channel Point retirement and assisted living in Hoquiam. She relayed what it is all about and that one can add special services such as they will take care of your medicines and laundry.It was a lot of information to take in. There were several questions and they were all answered.

POT – Larry Jones


October 4, 2016

King Lion Gary called the meeting tp prder.

Burthdays – Seppo, Pete V,m Ken Johnson

At the zone meeting – zone projects remain the same as last year.

The 27th board meeting at noon at elks round table/

Club shirts – see Seppo

Raun derby – keep selling.

Program – Roger introduced Laine Yoman whe told us about a cold case he has been working on. He told us what goes on during an investigation and what is done with the evidence collected. It is very labor intensive. He brought up several stories and answered questions. It was very interesting information.

Pot – Gary


Sept 27, 2016  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Zone meeting Thursday at 6:00 at ocean palace.

Rain derby – keep selling.

Program – Joann Patton from Central Park Lions. She is fund raising for United Way. The concern is shoes and coats for the really needy students. They need $10,000.00 and have $5,000.00. This will service 19 schools in Grays Harbor. At this time ir is just grade schools, but hope to expand next year.

Pot – Larry Jones


Sept 20, 2016  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order

Zone meeting Sept 29 at 5:00 Ocean Palace.

Rain derby – keep selling

BBQ served 435 dinners and consessions net $3,000+

Program – Seppo introduced Dan Vareand and Christan Jone from Coastal Raptures. It was a very informative talk about scavenging by Peregrine Falcons. What they eat, how they attack,(they can dive at 200+ mph) (they fly at about 55 mph. He also described how they catch and band them. 15 months and older are adults, under 15 monthe are immature ones. Good program.

Pot – Seppo


Sept 12, 2016 Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

There was a lively discussion oh the BBQ and consessions. How much we made will be later after all bills are paid. Everyone did an exceptional job! The football kids were great!

Rain derby – keep selling.

Pot – Pete VanderLinden


Sept 6, 2016 Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Birthdays – Mike Sand and Ray Pumphery

Today was the final discussion and planning for the BBQ and consessions for Loggers Playday. The fish will be here Thursday and all else seems ready to go.

Pot – Tracy Pelan


August 39, 2016  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

More rain derby tickets were handed out.

Loggers playday BBQ and consessions were discussed. $15.00 for adults and $8.00 kids

There was a firework contest (we did not know) and got $361.00

Prrogram – Bud introduces Ronny and Lisa Espardal for Hjghland Golf. He told us about the evolution of golf equipment. How equipment has gone from the 1950’s to now. New material such as graphite etc, different shapes, different handle material, design changes and golf balls. He also talked about his and Eds arm lock grip for putting, There were several questions and great answers. Good program on evolution of golf equipment.

Pot – Mike Samd/


August 23, 2016

Meeting was called to order and opening provided by Lion Pete VanderLinden.

21 Members in attendance

Logger’s Playday Report

Concessons:  Co Chairs Larry Jones and Pete Hegg announce that preparations are going well.  They still have some need for manning the concession stands as Chris Eide and family won’t be available.

Salmon BBQ:   Mike Lytle announced that we are spared from having to serve chicken as proposed by Lion Dee Johnson.  Lion Jerry McFeeley did volunteer to catch tuna so we could serve sushi.  Mike will be arranging for Copper River Silvers to be flown from Alaska for the BBQ.  The club will pay for the airfare and Lytle Seafood will make a donation of the fish.

Rain Derby:      Over 3,000 tickets have been distributed.  It takes $3000.00 to break even so we need to sell all of these and work on the remaining 4000 tickets.


Today, we were visited by the District Governor and his wife, Monte and Ann Ward.  They were introduced by Zone Chairman Jim Weyrich.  Monte had worked for RCA with NASA in both Houston and Cape Canaveral.  He moved to Kalama, Washington where he has been a member of the club for over 35 years, serving twice as president, former zone chairman and current District Governor.

He spoke of his platform, The Winds of Change and it’s similarities of that of our International President, New Mountains to Climb.  We are to expect certain changes to include how voting processes are conducted, changes in the By-Laws and the Constitution, and yearly goals for current and new projects.

Most importantly, he stated how much he preferred Hoquiam Lions to the Aberdeen Lions.  (Not really, but I thought I would give any Aberdeen Lions reading this a thrill)

The Pot:                       Chris Eide.



August 16, 2016  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Dist. Gov will be here next week.

Fish might be a problem. Mike will check on it.

Consession stuff has been ordered.

Next week (23rd) put up BBQ signs.

Does anyone know where the three tables are?

Induction of Ed Coyle was done by Jerry S.

Program  Rudy introduced David Quigg who told us about his Nice Nuts business.  His (other) job involves robot monitoring where a robot will look a a patient in one location and a specialist doctor will see what is going on from another city or country in real time. It is a communication system so a small hospital can utilize a specialist doctor in another location, It seems like a good deal.

Pot – Jack strom

If visiting Long Beach – dine a Doogers for outstanding service.


August 2, 2016 Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Birthdays – Steve, Jack and Chris

Friday BBQ at westheaven 11:00

Salmon BBQ coming up Sept 10. Spud scrub the 8th at 5:30

Rain derby tickets were handed out.

Program – Bud introduced Tom Quigg. He told us about Bill Boeing. He came here first in 1903. He bought about 1/3 of Ocean Shores and from a short way up the East Hoquiam river to Olympic National park where he started the Greenwood Logging Co. and built a railroad to take the logs way down steam and out them in the water. He left the area for Seattle in 1908. During WWII he had two aircraft plants in Hoquiam where they made the tail gunner section. Questions and answered followed.

Pot – Paul Dean

JULY 2016

July 26, 2019   Ak Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Aug 5 [ bbq westheaven at 11:00

Sept 8 – potato scrub

Sept 10 – bbq and connessions


rain derby tickets next week

Program – Jack Durney introduced Alex Eddy and 5 of the 7th street kids. They did 3 numbers for us. Alex also told of some of the 7th street kids program started in 1992. You can watch the Little Mermaid play this Friday a 7:30, Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday at 2:00. Cost is $15.00 adults, $10.00 students and seniors, and $5.00 kids. Very good kids!

POT – Ray P.

July 19, 2016

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Aug 5 at 11:00  at westheaven

Rain Derby tickets comming soon,

Start thinking about loggers playday Sept 10th.

Program. – Jack Durney introduced Police Chief Jeff Meyers. He told us about the Criminal Justice Training Commission which he is currently the president of. The commission was created in 1974 to incorporate training for all law enforcement in a state  academy instead of separate police departments except for the State Patrol who have their own. The commission deals with policy and politics  He serves.a 6 years term. They meet quarterly at the academy location in Burien. He said there are 750,000 police officers and talked about the Chief for a day program for kids that are faced with significant medical challenges. Once again the Chief gave and outstanding program.

Pot – Steve M.


July 12,2016  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

We welcomed new member Ed Coyle.

$4,000.00 made at fireworks project.

Rain derby tickets being printed. Ready first part of Aug. current rain 37.18″

Weathaven BBQ Aug 5 at 11:00

Program – Paul McMillan with things from Hoquiam past. Shown and discussed were assorted items. Great amount of local history.

Question 1 – where was the 1st loggers playday? – Emerson field

Question 2 – When was the last turkey day played? – 1972

Question 3 – Where was the 1st city hall located? – old fire station  J and 5th

Pot – Greg Grun


July 5, 2016  Al Bruun reporting

New King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Birthdays – Don Little

President and past president pins were givin out.

Program – Paul M. Fireworks report. Cost was $10,586.00  We had $8,961.00 in cash and $2,179.00 in Visa charges. It is estimated that after the lef overs are turned inwe should end up making between $2,000.00 and $3,000.00. Should know in a couple of weeks or so. Paul needs 2 pick-uos at his house (2401 Queets) at 9:45 on thirsday to take the left over fireworks to the pick up point. After meeting we will tear down fireworks stand and return it to storage. The more help we have, the faster it will go. Paul THANKED all that helped with this project. We all thank Paul!

Pot – Paul M.