Janurry 16, 2018  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Directors meeting Thursday at noon – Elks round table

Crab feed Feb. 16 aat Cosi Lions.

Program – Ed C. introduced Waylen Robert from the college foundation. He is now a director and related all about it to us. They support the World Class Scholars and provide other scholarships. There is a gala coming up Feb 22, but there is limited seating.Contact Grays Harbor college for more information.

Pot – Bud


Janurary 9, 2019  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meting to order

Directors meeting moved to the the 18th   noon  elks round table

Guests – parents of students of the month and rain derby winners

Crab feed Feb 16

Program – students of the month – Josie Emery and Tammer McEllitte

Mike the school superintendant told us about the uocomming levy

rain derby winners presentations

Pot – Mel


Janurary 2, 2018 Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M, called the meeting to order.

Birthdays 0 George Powers, Jerry Scheafer, and Ken Spaar

Jan 11th board meeting – noon – elks

Thanks to the rain derby crew.

Thanks to those who helped hand out xmas hams.

Next week – rain derby winners

Crab feed – about the middle of Feb.

Program – Paul Dean introduced Firefighter Dan Robinson ( the newest firefighter) who told us all about falling and what we can do to prevent that from happening. 1 in 3 people over 65 will fall. Things to do to prevent falls: review medication with your health provider, exercise to improve balance and strength, eyes and feet checked, make your home safer. This was a real good review information.    outstanding job Dan!

Pot – Roger


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