December 19, 2017  Al Bruum reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.


Dec 29 – food bNK  11:00

Program – Tom – Jerry party and turkey bingo.

Pot – Paul Dean


December 12, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

Kimg Lion Paul N. called the meeting to order

19th Tom/jerry – bingo –  starts 11:00

20th – food bNK  11:OO

Crab feed will be in Feb.

Program – Students of the month Jessica Goulet and Dillon Bumpstead

Brock told us about business week at the school. Students put into small groups and learned simulations, presentations,  teamwork, communications and did a trade show. About 115 students took part.

Pot – Ed Coyle (not in attendance)


December 12, 2017  Al Bruun re

December 5, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meting to order

Chris is a grandpa !

Dec 19 – Tom/Jerry party followed by turkey bingo.  11:00 – eat 11:30 – bingo 12:00

Dec 20 (wed) – food bank 10:45

birthdays — Pete H.  Gary M.

Dec 26 – no meeting

Drizzle was handed out

Kettle Clash  #6,989.00 frpm Graus Harbor Lions.

{rpgram – Brian Shay told pf some of whatis coming up for Hoquiam. new storm water pump (done), opening of the bids to do water line improvements, re[lace side walks on Simpson, DOT to pave simpson from Emerson to Breakwater restruamt, the levy project, the libruary project, new business at farmers market, and new building at the old car wash place. questions followed.

Pot – Rudy


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