November 28, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M; called the meeting to order.

Dec 11 – Aberdeen xmas party at log place  $30.00 contact Aberdeen lions for tickets

Dec 19 Tom/Jerry and turkey bingo  11:00 – eat 11P30  bingo 12:00

Thanks to food bank turkey workers

Kettle Clash – Thursday at 11:30  wear lions gear

Drizzle out next week

Program – Pail Dean told us about his latest (number 26) trp (to the Phillipines) The island of Palawan where he had 400+ patients for glasses. Lots of slides showing the people, the country side, what goes on in the clinic, what is used for transportation, village buildings, etc. Money 50 paso to $1.00. He also told us about the Papawan massacre on  Dec 14, 1944 where 143 died with 7 survivors.. good presentation. Next trip Janurary 19 to Jamaica

Pot = Larry


November 20, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion  Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Nov 21 – food bank – 11;00 TO 2;00

Dec 19 – tom and Jerry – turkey bingo

Program – turkey bingo

Pot – Pau;a


November 14, 2017    Al Bruun reporting

King Lion.Paul M. called the meeting to order

Nov 16 – zone meeting – 6:00

Nov 17 0 – stub sort – 5:30 – pot luck

Nov 29 – turkey bingo – lunch at 11:30.   start bingo at 12:00

Nov 21 – hand out turkey at fiid bank – 11:00 – 2:00

students of the month – Karlie Krohn and Ryan Cole

Thank you note from Cynthia for helping the student.

Report on what Joe did at Emerson school.

Report on Pete V. ( still at pacific care )

Rain derby – about the same as last year at this time.

Aberdeen told us about Salvation Army kettle drive nov 30. thanks to those who attended the Toast of the Harbor. And invited us to x-mas party Dec 17. Get ahold of Bob or Irv for tickets, RSVP needed.

Program – Brock substituted  and told us about the outcome evaluation report and the updates for the program. ( community prevention and .wellness initiative )

Pot – Seppo


November 7, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M called the meeting to order

Nov 16th – Zone meeting 6:00

Nov 17th at 5:30 – stib party   pot luck

Nov 20th – Turkey binge = start at 12:00

Nov 21st – hand out turkey at food bank  11:00 t0 2L00

Birthdays – Jerry E., M Maxfield, Paul P., Gordon

Program – Molly Bold and Gary Nelson. Current happenings at the Westport Marina. ) Public access, Private Investments, and public infristructor,  ) , the fishing industry, and what is upcoming in the port such as the pot ash possibility coming to terminal 3.  it is nice toget updated information.

Pot – Rudy

Presidents Pie drawing – Ed R.


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