August 29, 2017  Al Bruun Reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Rain is now 37.63″

Loggers day plans were discussed. Need more workers.

Spud scrub 7th at 5:30.

Sept 30 – Jack Strom memorial – location to be announced later.

Program – Bud introduced Barbara Bennett Parsons. She told of her fathers art career (while working other jobs) Her parents were married in 1947 and he went to art school in Portland and came back here to stay. She told and showed how the silk screening process is done. It takes 7 passes with 3 days between passes to get a final print. It was great to know how it is done. She has two placed to see the prints – post office 2nd floor and Silver Pony gallery on Simpson.

Pot – Seppo


August 22, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order

A moment of silence for Jack Strom who past away this morning.

BBQ and conession discussion. Need more workers. Spud scrub the 7th at 5:30.

Program – Rudy introduced John S. from LAC ( license Lamb products ). It was started in 2001 after Lambs went out of business. They now have 31 employees. They have 800,00 drawings that they use to have parts made to up-grade old equipment. They design new equipment all the time. The business survives in spite of themselves

Pot – George Powers (again and not in attendance).



Audust 15, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Report from Paul M. about firer works discussion at city council meeting.

Highway cleanup report.

Rain derby tickets next week.

Seppo told of Finnland free school lunce program.

Program – Bud introduced Lee Thomason who told is about the history of the Panama Canal which was written by a guy from Axford Prarie. It was first started by the French in 1880 but failed due to yellow fever and the loss of 22,000 French workers. In 1881 the U S took over when the ye;;p fever was was taken careof. It opened Aug 14, 1914. The U S lost 5,000 workers building it. Original cost was 350 million. 50,000 workers worked on it. Lots of great information with a book of pictures to look at after.

Pot – George Powers ( not in attendance )

August 8, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.


Highway pick up after meeting.

Paul M. will meet with city council about fireworks possible ban.

Loggers play day was discussed.

Rain Derby tickets will be handed out next week.

Program – Bud introduced Dr. Worth who told us about medicine for addicts. He came here in 1980 and has worked in this field ever since (retired now) He explained the history of how prescribing drugs progressed and how it affects the brain. Perscription drug taking falls into 3 groups – 1. easily becoming addicted, 2. makes no difference 3. no effect (flushes it down the toilet). Most treatment programs do not work. Questions and answers followed.

Pot – Paul M,


August 1, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul N. called the meeting to order.

A thank you note from Ryan Espedal was read.


Consession stand for loggers play day discussed.

Rumor – we will have fish.

Report on Fridays BBQ at Weatheaven -Larry, Pete, Paul and Rudy took care of it.


Program – DZC Al Waters introduced District Gov. Bill Cashner. (belongs to a Vancouver club). He told us about the new international president who is from India, the 100th convention with 65,000 in attendance in Chicago, the Solderr field, LEO kids now doing everything in all the adult programs, what we do here, next May meeting in Kelso, and to keep a positive attitude. Questions and answers followed.

Pot – Dee ( not here )

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