JULY 2017


July 25, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order

Birthday – Don L.

Guests – parents of 7th street kids.

Dues are due.

Westheaven Friday 11:00 BBQ – wear lions gear.

Al Waters said dist. gov.here next week.

Discussion of up coming BBQ was held.

Program – 7th street kids who did several songs/dances from the up coming play this week end. Friday 7″30, Saturday 7:30 and Sunday 2:00. The play is Buggsy Malone. We were also told about the history of the 7th street kids organization. $15.00 adults, A$10.00 students and seniors and $5.00 for kids.  Very good.

Pot – Bud ( who donated it to the 7th street kids organization )


July 18 2017   Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Guest – Jennifer Durney.

Cynthia McMillan sent a thank you card for the flowers.

Possible new member – Jeff Wayman.

Membership applications are now kept in the roll-a-round

Program – Jack Durney introduced his son Patrick. Pat is part owner in the NEW Hoquiam Brewing Co. Located in the former Passport Café building. He went through all the re-modeling to get it into a brewery. There will be bar type food bar and you can buy a 64 ounce growler (or bring your own container).Aug 17 is the target opening date. Possible hours might start out at 3:00 – 9:00. But will be closed when actually brewing.

Pot – Roger


July 11, 2017  Al Bruun reporting.

New King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Fireworks report – made about $3,600.00 so far. About the same as last year. Much thanks to those worked, especially those who put is 12 hours on the 4th.

After meeting – remove and store fireworks stand (thanks to the football team for helping with heavy lifting).

On July 1st, the immediate past president shows up a the fireworks stand and says “I;m dome’

program – none

POT Paul M.

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