JUNE 2017

June 27, 2017  Al Bruun reporting


King Lion called the meeting to order (for the last time)


Next meeting Juky 11th

Paul M was sworn in as next president

Go to TNTfireworks,com and copy coupon and give to Paul M.

Program – Mel introduced Steve Schumate from the sheriff office. He told several stories about criminal activities that happened in the past few weeks.He oversees the criminal dept. Currently there are 178 in jail which was built to hold 82. Many sleep on the floor. There was several good questions with great answers.

Pot – Paul M.


July 15 Klaylock salmon at noon to 4  cost $15.99

June 28 – fireworke sales start

July 11 – fireworks stand take down


JUNE 20,2017  Al Bruun Reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order

Guest – Corky Cook

Instellation dinner Thursday $20.00

Fireworks due on Saturday\Sell on the 28th

July 15 -Klaylock salmon – noon to 4:00 – $15.00

Prpgram – Ian Cope from the PUD. Explanation of the rate hike restructure. Caused by the coldest winter since 1932, higher cost to maintain everything, and higher cost of electric power. They have cut back in several areas and he related what we could do at home to reduce our cost. They serve the community with high value utilities at lowest possible cost. There were great questions and great answers. Thanks Ian

Pot – Larry


JUNE 13, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

V P Lion Pail M. called the meeting to order.

20th – set up fire works stand. All need to help

22nd – instellation party

24th – fire works arrive

28th – start selling

Jerry S. reported on Aberdeen charter/instellation party.

Program – Mel brought show and tell. He had and told about collecting trolls, old dictionary, books, books, books, and other stuff. He sure had lots of stories to tell about each item. Interestring program.

Pot – Bud


June 6, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Birthdays – Greg G., Paul D., Jack D.

20th- fireworks set up

22 – instelation dinner 5:30 $20.00 pork or chicken – sugn up wuth Jerry S.

24th – fireworks arrive.

28th – sart fireworks sales – sign up with Paul M.

Jack S. is turning the treasure job to Roger.

Chris introduces Jon Bennett from the new Steam Donkey Brewery at 101 E Wishkah. He told about the history of local brewrys. Until he opened this, there has not been one since 1940. On March 17, he opened the doors.They hope to grow enough to hire more workers. They make 14 different kinds of beer  GOOD PRESENATION.

pot – Jack S.

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