MAY 2017

May 30, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

May 12th – Aberdeen charter party – Log Place – $20.00 – 5:30

May 20th – set up fireworks stand.

May 22 – instelation party – pork or chicken – 5:30 – $20.00

Highway pick up – coming up soon

Next Tuesday – vote for Lion of the year.

Program – did not show up – so Jerry S. told about his recent trip to undergroung Penalton tour. The Chinese built an underground system to save stores that were illegal above ground. The Chinese could not own much of anything so this was a way around that.

Pot – Pete Hegg


May 23, 2017  Al Bruun reporting.

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Guest – Stan Pennick

Thurs. 5:30 cop fire dinner  $22.00

Paul M – there is a special deal for the dauly world if interested

Paul D – told about his award for his eyeglass program he got at the convention. We are all proud for him.

Fireworks set up the 20th

Fireworks arrive the 24th

Program – Jack Strom introduces his granddaughter Molly Bold. She told us about the We Fish program at Westport. And this Saturday fish festival this sat, and the blessing of the fleet this sunday at 1:00. She also told us about the new job as Westport manager for the Port which seems to include a lot of communications skills as she goes all over to meet with different groups and interviews on the radio. A good question and answer period followed. Great presentation Molly!

Pot – Bud (two weeks in a row)


May 16, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

20th conference. see Jerry S.

25th fire – police dinner  5:30  $22.00 last chance to sign up – see Jerry S.

Program – Seppo related about last weekend trip to Sacromento to watch Grandson Brett compete in WSU rowing competition,

Dee related what he brought up at the last directors meeting about starting a membership meeting to come up with plans to attract new members. Dee (chairman), Seppo, Ed C., Ray, Chris, and Jerry Erickson. If anyone has any ideas while Dee ie away, Seppo will start a folder to put them in.

Pot – Bud


May 9, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

V.P. Paul M. called the meeting to order. Great singing.

20th conference – see Jerry S.

25th Fire and Police dinner. 5:30. $22.00. Sign up with Jerry S.

Cane day – collecter $1,030.00 +


readings for 2017-2018 completed.

Program – students of the month    May: Madusin Wood and Dylan Moodenbauh. June – Madison Wood and Josiah Lowder.

Other business postponed till next week.

Pot – Larry Jones


May 2, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lin Gary called the meeting to order

Birthday – Dee

Paul M. relayed to us about the two Hoquiam students winning at sheet metal and appliances and will go to the nationals, but would like help with the cost. Board meeting will take place after club meeting.

20th – convention

25th police/firemen dinner – usual time $22.00 for either steak or salmon.

Program – Kyle Pauley – He is involved in: program director and morning show host at KXRO radio station, 7th street theater, President of the Hoquiam business association, Cosi city councilman, coastal harvest board of directors, Miss Grays Harbor pageant, and several other things. He is also a Hoquiam Mason. He has a passion for politics and on the future wants to run for mayor of Cosi and later county commissioner. He only wants to  into things that matter locally. .Keep up the good work Kyle!

Pot – Ed Wayman (but he left early)

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