APRIL 2017

April 25, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order

Report from board of directors meeting

Report from zone meeting

Guests – Bob and Steve from Aberdeen club

Steve gave a check for $80.00 for those who did not show at our charter party

Steve also made a toast for the togetherness of our clubs

Gary gave Aberdeen a check fir bicycles from heaven

Program – Jerry Erickson introduced John Larson from the museum. He talked about the 100 years ago each day on the radio (what happened according to the paper). And a up-date if projects at the museum. A current project is restoring the brown house next to the museum. They applied for a state grant, but die to the state budget – maybe next year. Another new project is to restore the speeder. Questions and answers followed. Good informational program – well done John.

Pot – Rudy


April 18, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Directors meeting Thursday at noon

Zone meeting Thursday at 5:30.

Spring conference May 19-20.

White cane day sign up sheet is filled up.

Thursday May 25 – cop and firefighter dinner 5:50. cost about $20.00 salmon or steak

Students of the month – Bianka Kopez and Oscar Joya

Program – Jerry McFeely introduce Mark McFeely who manages Hoquiam Plywood.

It is now owned by Willis Ent.  60% of what they produce goes to Canada and 49% in the U S. Sales are now about 2 million a month. And they go through about 6 million board feet a month. They have been in business since 1955 and are planning to build a new warehouse. They make 4′ x 8′ sheets. Great information on the mill operations.

Pot- Jerry E.


April 11, 2917  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Sign up fot white cane day with Ray.

20th – directors meeting – noom

Student of the month – next week

Program – Julian from Habitat for humanity volunteer coordinator. Habitat for humanity of Grays Harbor is a locally part of the internationally Habitat group. She discussed all the different ways one can volunteer. She also wants to start two committees. Qestions and answers followed.

Pot – Paul M.


April 4, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Birthdays – Roger S and Ed Wayman.Stacy McFeely

Directors meeting April 20th noon.

Guest – Bonny McFeely.

Program – Jerry McFeely introduced who is involved in a animal rescue place in Yakima. She brought her certified therapy dog who was born with no front elbows and abanded. She belongs to ‘Love On A Leash’ and goes to nursing homes, schools and such to talk about rescued pets. They do mostly dogs and cats and have about 40 on site at any given time. About 600 are adopted each year for the last 9 years. The animals have to be trained to get certified and have to have a )like a drivers liscense) that says what theu are trained to do. There are between 100 to 150 volenteers to make this work. A very touching program/

Pot – Dave Wayman

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