MARCH 2017

March 28, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Thanks to everyone who attended the charter party.

White canes day coming up – sign up with Ray

Program – Mary introduced Waylan Roberts. an intern for the city (Brian Shay) who is working on the library project. They need $250,000 to finish and would like everyone to write their reps. in Olympia on how important the library is to the community.

POT – Larry Jones ( in Arizona or someplace )


arch 21, 2017  Al Brun rporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.


Program – Jerry S.  He read his new western poetry drafts ” stage cosch and wells fargo ” and ” the body that wandered “. alsso a story about ” one eyed charley  parkerst ” (he was a she). Another great job by Jerry.

Pot – Pete Hagg


March 14, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion called the meeting to order.

Guests were the mom and grandma of Anthony – student of the month

Charter Party next Thursday at 5:30.  $20.00 – sign up with Jerry S.

Paul M. told about going to the high school and telling the kids about the scholarships.

Brock told about the Peterson play field project we want to consider

Students of the month – Anthony Ness and Erika Devore.

Program – Mary presented a lot if information on Billy Gohl. He was born in Germany in 183 and came here in 1896. He was a strong arm man for the union. He was arrested for murder and suspected of arson and smuggling. He would ‘pay’ back anyone who crossed him He lived in Aberdeen. At his trial it took 157 people to get a jury panel.It was held in Monty and on May 12, 1910 he was convicted of 1st degree murder of Hoffman. He was sent to Walla Walla. He went insane and was sent to Medical Lake where he dies in 1927.

Great History Presentation.

Pot – Jack Durney


March 7, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Birthdays – Rudy, Mel. Tracy, Dean, Mary

Mar 23 – Charter Party – $20.00 – 5:30 -sign up with Jerry S. – steak or salmon.

Program – Jerry S. told us all about the sub H. L. Hunly It was launched in 1863 and had a crew of 8. It was 40′ long. 1st attempt to use it 5 died. 2nd attempt 8 died. 3rd attempt it used a spar pole system to sink other ships, but it sunk with 8 dead.

He also told us about the iron clads. In 1861 James Eads was contacted to design an iron clad with 4″ steel plates to protect the sides. It was steam powered and had a crew of 320. It was rnamed the CSS Virginia and was blown up to keep from the Union from getting it. The Monitor was 179′ with a crew of 49, but it was on its way back north and sunk in a storm. Very good information program

Pot – McFeely

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