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Feb 27, 2018  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paail M. called the meeting to order

4th meeting in March – night meeting at 6:00

Charter party March 29 at 5:30


Feb 20   no meeting    snpw and ice day

Feb 13, 2018   Ak Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order

Crab feed Friday – 10:00 prep crab – 6:00 at Cosi – pot luck – $20.00 per person

Nught meeting 4th Tuesday in March – 6:00

Moment of silence for Pete V. – service sat at 11:00 at ELKS

Students of the month – Mercedes Pinnell and Sean  Mcalister

Program – Brock told us about a science fair that out students went to. They built a bridge out of popsicle sticks that had to with stand a weight test – there bridge held 150 lbs ( good for 3rd place. It is great to here what the students are doing.

Pot -Gordon (again)


Feb 6, 2018  Al Bruun reporting

King :ion Paul M. called the meting to order.

Birthdays – Al, Jerry M, Joann, Dave W., Paul M., Paula Dean, Bud

Crab feed Feb 16 – 6:00 – Cosi Lions – pot luck – bring white elephant for raffle – sign up with Larry

Charter Party – March 29

night meeting 4th Tuesday  in March

Program – Ray showed slides and told us about his recent rip to a South Africa game preserve. They road around in Land Rovers twice a day. He saw an awful lot of different animals. The game preserve does not feed them or help the injurd ones – they let nature take its course. Great program Ray!

Pot – Gordon



Janurary  30, 2018  Al Bruun reporting

Jing Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Crab feed Feb 16 at Cosi Lions 6:99 pot luck  sign up with Larry

Meetings in March, April and May .4th tuesday night  starting at 6:00

Charter Party March 29 details to follow.

Because of our donation, world class scholars has donated 8 tickets to attend their mystery fund raiser Feb 22. see Jerry S if interested.

Program – Jerry S told us how Firt Warden was named and some of the history.

Pot 0 Ed Rosi


Janurary 23, 2018  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Crab feed Feb. 16 – 6:00 Cosi Lions – pot luck.- sign up with Larry.- bring white elephant items for the raffle.

Starting in march 4th Tuesday will be at night 6:00 – 7:00

no program

Pot – Mary (Rosi should have won)



Janurry 16, 2018  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Directors meeting Thursday at noon – Elks round table

Crab feed Feb. 16 aat Cosi Lions.

Program – Ed C. introduced Waylen Robert from the college foundation. He is now a director and related all about it to us. They support the World Class Scholars and provide other scholarships. There is a gala coming up Feb 22, but there is limited seating.Contact Grays Harbor college for more information.

Pot – Bud


Janurary 9, 2019  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meting to order

Directors meeting moved to the the 18th   noon  elks round table

Guests – parents of students of the month and rain derby winners

Crab feed Feb 16

Program – students of the month – Josie Emery and Tammer McEllitte

Mike the school superintendant told us about the uocomming levy

rain derby winners presentations

Pot – Mel


Janurary 2, 2018 Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M, called the meeting to order.

Birthdays 0 George Powers, Jerry Scheafer, and Ken Spaar

Jan 11th board meeting – noon – elks

Thanks to the rain derby crew.

Thanks to those who helped hand out xmas hams.

Next week – rain derby winners

Crab feed – about the middle of Feb.

Program – Paul Dean introduced Firefighter Dan Robinson ( the newest firefighter) who told us all about falling and what we can do to prevent that from happening. 1 in 3 people over 65 will fall. Things to do to prevent falls: review medication with your health provider, exercise to improve balance and strength, eyes and feet checked, make your home safer. This was a real good review information.    outstanding job Dan!

Pot – Roger



December 19, 2017  Al Bruum reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.


Dec 29 – food bNK  11:00

Program – Tom – Jerry party and turkey bingo.

Pot – Paul Dean


December 12, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

Kimg Lion Paul N. called the meeting to order

19th Tom/jerry – bingo –  starts 11:00

20th – food bNK  11:OO

Crab feed will be in Feb.

Program – Students of the month Jessica Goulet and Dillon Bumpstead

Brock told us about business week at the school. Students put into small groups and learned simulations, presentations,  teamwork, communications and did a trade show. About 115 students took part.

Pot – Ed Coyle (not in attendance)


December 12, 2017  Al Bruun re

December 5, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meting to order

Chris is a grandpa !

Dec 19 – Tom/Jerry party followed by turkey bingo.  11:00 – eat 11:30 – bingo 12:00

Dec 20 (wed) – food bank 10:45

birthdays — Pete H.  Gary M.

Dec 26 – no meeting

Drizzle was handed out

Kettle Clash  #6,989.00 frpm Graus Harbor Lions.

{rpgram – Brian Shay told pf some of whatis coming up for Hoquiam. new storm water pump (done), opening of the bids to do water line improvements, re[lace side walks on Simpson, DOT to pave simpson from Emerson to Breakwater restruamt, the levy project, the libruary project, new business at farmers market, and new building at the old car wash place. questions followed.

Pot – Rudy



November 28, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M; called the meeting to order.

Dec 11 – Aberdeen xmas party at log place  $30.00 contact Aberdeen lions for tickets

Dec 19 Tom/Jerry and turkey bingo  11:00 – eat 11P30  bingo 12:00

Thanks to food bank turkey workers

Kettle Clash – Thursday at 11:30  wear lions gear

Drizzle out next week

Program – Pail Dean told us about his latest (number 26) trp (to the Phillipines) The island of Palawan where he had 400+ patients for glasses. Lots of slides showing the people, the country side, what goes on in the clinic, what is used for transportation, village buildings, etc. Money 50 paso to $1.00. He also told us about the Papawan massacre on  Dec 14, 1944 where 143 died with 7 survivors.. good presentation. Next trip Janurary 19 to Jamaica

Pot = Larry


November 20, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion  Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Nov 21 – food bank – 11;00 TO 2;00

Dec 19 – tom and Jerry – turkey bingo

Program – turkey bingo

Pot – Pau;a


November 14, 2017    Al Bruun reporting

King Lion.Paul M. called the meeting to order

Nov 16 – zone meeting – 6:00

Nov 17 0 – stub sort – 5:30 – pot luck

Nov 29 – turkey bingo – lunch at 11:30.   start bingo at 12:00

Nov 21 – hand out turkey at fiid bank – 11:00 – 2:00

students of the month – Karlie Krohn and Ryan Cole

Thank you note from Cynthia for helping the student.

Report on what Joe did at Emerson school.

Report on Pete V. ( still at pacific care )

Rain derby – about the same as last year at this time.

Aberdeen told us about Salvation Army kettle drive nov 30. thanks to those who attended the Toast of the Harbor. And invited us to x-mas party Dec 17. Get ahold of Bob or Irv for tickets, RSVP needed.

Program – Brock substituted  and told us about the outcome evaluation report and the updates for the program. ( community prevention and .wellness initiative )

Pot – Seppo


November 7, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M called the meeting to order

Nov 16th – Zone meeting 6:00

Nov 17th at 5:30 – stib party   pot luck

Nov 20th – Turkey binge = start at 12:00

Nov 21st – hand out turkey at food bank  11:00 t0 2L00

Birthdays – Jerry E., M Maxfield, Paul P., Gordon

Program – Molly Bold and Gary Nelson. Current happenings at the Westport Marina. ) Public access, Private Investments, and public infristructor,  ) , the fishing industry, and what is upcoming in the port such as the pot ash possibility coming to terminal 3.  it is nice toget updated information.

Pot – Rudy

Presidents Pie drawing – Ed R.



October 31, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

KingLion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Nov 17 – stub party at 5:30 pot luck

Nov 20 – turkey bingo start at high noon

Nov 21 – no meeting – hand out turkeys at the food bank  11:00 until 2:00

Program – 3 students told us the schedule for the upcoming foodball fund raiser. It starts Friday and goes till Nov 14. If you wish to mail in a donation, write the check to H H S Foodball and mail to the high school ( 500 W,Emerson, Hoquiam 98550 ) It needs to get there before the final count on the 14th.

Pot – Bud


October 24, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Rain Derby – tickets due next tuesday

Sort party Nov 17  5:30 pot luck

We need to move Nov 21 turkey bingo meeting to Nov 14 so we can hand out turkeys at the food bank *which we have done for years) Need to get everybody on board.

Program – discussion of the above.

Pot – Ray P.  (not in attendance )

October 17, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Rain Derby – keep selling

BBQ meeting at the end of Nov.

Report on Pete V.

Nov turkey bingo the 21st

Dec turkey bingo the 18th

Program – Rudy honored for 60 years in the club ( first lion to reach than mark ). He received a 60 year plack, a bottle of expensive wine from the Sunny Side Washington winery, a one of a kind wine goblet made by Dee Johnson, a real nice cake, and named today as Rudy Spanich day. .Also had his picture taken with all the ladies present

Pot 0 Jerry E.

October 10, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Guests – parents of the students of the month and 2 Aberdeen members

Rain Derby – keep selling

Next week ( 17th) bring wives – special award presentation.

Today Rudy got a Hoquiam Hero award.

Students of the month – Jake Gordon and Mariah Fuller.

Program – New school superintendent Mike Villreal who talked on his background ( raised in eastern WA, was a teacher, principal, and ass, superintendent Has five kids and really likes it here. He told about meting friendly people here and has bought a raincoat. He is learning how the school education works before making any changes. The move into the new district office will be in about two weeks. It was great to finally meet him.

Pot – Rorger


October 3, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Birthdays – Seppo and Pete V.

Pete H. reported pm Pete V.

Ed W. went over the detailed letter from the Health dept. from the BBQ. Discussion followed.

Rain Derby —keep selling

Program – none

Pot – Jerry Schaefer

SEPT 2017

Sept 26, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

1st VP Dee called the meeting to order

Rain derby – keep selling

Program – Dee led a discussion on how we can do better with the

consessions and BBQ. He will list what we talked about. We are to let it sink in and have more meetings later on.

Pot – Seppo


SEPT 19, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M called the meeting too order

Sept birthdays – Ray, Brock, Mike Sand

Rain Derby – keep selling

BBQ discussion next week.

Program – Seppo related his recent trip to Finland this summer. He told us about the airplane and how cramped it was, about the roads in Finland with the hard rocks way up high on eac side of the road, different locations on a map, and the Reindeer which are protected and all over the place and are owned by the Laplanders. There are 4 main groups of Laplanders and they have their own language. Good geography lesson.

Pot- Pete V. but he was not here today tocollect.


Sept 12, 2017 Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Rain derby – See Roger for more tickets – keep selling.

Guest – Fred P.

Discussion – BBQ and consessions. – to be continued in 2 weeks.



Pot – Gordon


Sept 5, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Pail N. called the meeting to order

Final BBQ and cnsession planning.

Rain derby – keep selling

Program – none

Por – Jack Durney – not in the building


August 29, 2017  Al Bruun Reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Rain is now 37.63″

Loggers day plans were discussed. Need more workers.

Spud scrub 7th at 5:30.

Sept 30 – Jack Strom memorial – location to be announced later.

Program – Bud introduced Barbara Bennett Parsons. She told of her fathers art career (while working other jobs) Her parents were married in 1947 and he went to art school in Portland and came back here to stay. She told and showed how the silk screening process is done. It takes 7 passes with 3 days between passes to get a final print. It was great to know how it is done. She has two placed to see the prints – post office 2nd floor and Silver Pony gallery on Simpson.

Pot – Seppo


August 22, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order

A moment of silence for Jack Strom who past away this morning.

BBQ and conession discussion. Need more workers. Spud scrub the 7th at 5:30.

Program – Rudy introduced John S. from LAC ( license Lamb products ). It was started in 2001 after Lambs went out of business. They now have 31 employees. They have 800,00 drawings that they use to have parts made to up-grade old equipment. They design new equipment all the time. The business survives in spite of themselves

Pot – George Powers (again and not in attendance).



Audust 15, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Report from Paul M. about firer works discussion at city council meeting.

Highway cleanup report.

Rain derby tickets next week.

Seppo told of Finnland free school lunce program.

Program – Bud introduced Lee Thomason who told is about the history of the Panama Canal which was written by a guy from Axford Prarie. It was first started by the French in 1880 but failed due to yellow fever and the loss of 22,000 French workers. In 1881 the U S took over when the ye;;p fever was was taken careof. It opened Aug 14, 1914. The U S lost 5,000 workers building it. Original cost was 350 million. 50,000 workers worked on it. Lots of great information with a book of pictures to look at after.

Pot – George Powers ( not in attendance )

August 8, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.


Highway pick up after meeting.

Paul M. will meet with city council about fireworks possible ban.

Loggers play day was discussed.

Rain Derby tickets will be handed out next week.

Program – Bud introduced Dr. Worth who told us about medicine for addicts. He came here in 1980 and has worked in this field ever since (retired now) He explained the history of how prescribing drugs progressed and how it affects the brain. Perscription drug taking falls into 3 groups – 1. easily becoming addicted, 2. makes no difference 3. no effect (flushes it down the toilet). Most treatment programs do not work. Questions and answers followed.

Pot – Paul M,


August 1, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul N. called the meeting to order.

A thank you note from Ryan Espedal was read.


Consession stand for loggers play day discussed.

Rumor – we will have fish.

Report on Fridays BBQ at Weatheaven -Larry, Pete, Paul and Rudy took care of it.


Program – DZC Al Waters introduced District Gov. Bill Cashner. (belongs to a Vancouver club). He told us about the new international president who is from India, the 100th convention with 65,000 in attendance in Chicago, the Solderr field, LEO kids now doing everything in all the adult programs, what we do here, next May meeting in Kelso, and to keep a positive attitude. Questions and answers followed.

Pot – Dee ( not here )

JULY 2017


July 25, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order

Birthday – Don L.

Guests – parents of 7th street kids.

Dues are due.

Westheaven Friday 11:00 BBQ – wear lions gear.

Al Waters said dist. next week.

Discussion of up coming BBQ was held.

Program – 7th street kids who did several songs/dances from the up coming play this week end. Friday 7″30, Saturday 7:30 and Sunday 2:00. The play is Buggsy Malone. We were also told about the history of the 7th street kids organization. $15.00 adults, A$10.00 students and seniors and $5.00 for kids.  Very good.

Pot – Bud ( who donated it to the 7th street kids organization )


July 18 2017   Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Guest – Jennifer Durney.

Cynthia McMillan sent a thank you card for the flowers.

Possible new member – Jeff Wayman.

Membership applications are now kept in the roll-a-round

Program – Jack Durney introduced his son Patrick. Pat is part owner in the NEW Hoquiam Brewing Co. Located in the former Passport Café building. He went through all the re-modeling to get it into a brewery. There will be bar type food bar and you can buy a 64 ounce growler (or bring your own container).Aug 17 is the target opening date. Possible hours might start out at 3:00 – 9:00. But will be closed when actually brewing.

Pot – Roger


July 11, 2017  Al Bruun reporting.

New King Lion Paul M. called the meeting to order.

Fireworks report – made about $3,600.00 so far. About the same as last year. Much thanks to those worked, especially those who put is 12 hours on the 4th.

After meeting – remove and store fireworks stand (thanks to the football team for helping with heavy lifting).

On July 1st, the immediate past president shows up a the fireworks stand and says “I;m dome’

program – none

POT Paul M.

JUNE 2017

June 27, 2017  Al Bruun reporting


King Lion called the meeting to order (for the last time)


Next meeting Juky 11th

Paul M was sworn in as next president

Go to TNTfireworks,com and copy coupon and give to Paul M.

Program – Mel introduced Steve Schumate from the sheriff office. He told several stories about criminal activities that happened in the past few weeks.He oversees the criminal dept. Currently there are 178 in jail which was built to hold 82. Many sleep on the floor. There was several good questions with great answers.

Pot – Paul M.


July 15 Klaylock salmon at noon to 4  cost $15.99

June 28 – fireworke sales start

July 11 – fireworks stand take down


JUNE 20,2017  Al Bruun Reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order

Guest – Corky Cook

Instellation dinner Thursday $20.00

Fireworks due on Saturday\Sell on the 28th

July 15 -Klaylock salmon – noon to 4:00 – $15.00

Prpgram – Ian Cope from the PUD. Explanation of the rate hike restructure. Caused by the coldest winter since 1932, higher cost to maintain everything, and higher cost of electric power. They have cut back in several areas and he related what we could do at home to reduce our cost. They serve the community with high value utilities at lowest possible cost. There were great questions and great answers. Thanks Ian

Pot – Larry


JUNE 13, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

V P Lion Pail M. called the meeting to order.

20th – set up fire works stand. All need to help

22nd – instellation party

24th – fire works arrive

28th – start selling

Jerry S. reported on Aberdeen charter/instellation party.

Program – Mel brought show and tell. He had and told about collecting trolls, old dictionary, books, books, books, and other stuff. He sure had lots of stories to tell about each item. Interestring program.

Pot – Bud


June 6, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Birthdays – Greg G., Paul D., Jack D.

20th- fireworks set up

22 – instelation dinner 5:30 $20.00 pork or chicken – sugn up wuth Jerry S.

24th – fireworks arrive.

28th – sart fireworks sales – sign up with Paul M.

Jack S. is turning the treasure job to Roger.

Chris introduces Jon Bennett from the new Steam Donkey Brewery at 101 E Wishkah. He told about the history of local brewrys. Until he opened this, there has not been one since 1940. On March 17, he opened the doors.They hope to grow enough to hire more workers. They make 14 different kinds of beer  GOOD PRESENATION.

pot – Jack S.

MAY 2017

May 30, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

May 12th – Aberdeen charter party – Log Place – $20.00 – 5:30

May 20th – set up fireworks stand.

May 22 – instelation party – pork or chicken – 5:30 – $20.00

Highway pick up – coming up soon

Next Tuesday – vote for Lion of the year.

Program – did not show up – so Jerry S. told about his recent trip to undergroung Penalton tour. The Chinese built an underground system to save stores that were illegal above ground. The Chinese could not own much of anything so this was a way around that.

Pot – Pete Hegg


May 23, 2017  Al Bruun reporting.

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

Guest – Stan Pennick

Thurs. 5:30 cop fire dinner  $22.00

Paul M – there is a special deal for the dauly world if interested

Paul D – told about his award for his eyeglass program he got at the convention. We are all proud for him.

Fireworks set up the 20th

Fireworks arrive the 24th

Program – Jack Strom introduces his granddaughter Molly Bold. She told us about the We Fish program at Westport. And this Saturday fish festival this sat, and the blessing of the fleet this sunday at 1:00. She also told us about the new job as Westport manager for the Port which seems to include a lot of communications skills as she goes all over to meet with different groups and interviews on the radio. A good question and answer period followed. Great presentation Molly!

Pot – Bud (two weeks in a row)


May 16, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lion Gary called the meeting to order.

20th conference. see Jerry S.

25th fire – police dinner  5:30  $22.00 last chance to sign up – see Jerry S.

Program – Seppo related about last weekend trip to Sacromento to watch Grandson Brett compete in WSU rowing competition,

Dee related what he brought up at the last directors meeting about starting a membership meeting to come up with plans to attract new members. Dee (chairman), Seppo, Ed C., Ray, Chris, and Jerry Erickson. If anyone has any ideas while Dee ie away, Seppo will start a folder to put them in.

Pot – Bud


May 9, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

V.P. Paul M. called the meeting to order. Great singing.

20th conference – see Jerry S.

25th Fire and Police dinner. 5:30. $22.00. Sign up with Jerry S.

Cane day – collecter $1,030.00 +


readings for 2017-2018 completed.

Program – students of the month    May: Madusin Wood and Dylan Moodenbauh. June – Madison Wood and Josiah Lowder.

Other business postponed till next week.

Pot – Larry Jones


May 2, 2017  Al Bruun reporting

King Lin Gary called the meeting to order

Birthday – Dee

Paul M. relayed to us about the two Hoquiam students winning at sheet metal and appliances and will go to the nationals, but would like help with the cost. Board meeting will take place after club meeting.

20th – convention

25th police/firemen dinner – usual time $22.00 for either steak or salmon.

Program – Kyle Pauley – He is involved in: program director and morning show host at KXRO radio station, 7th street theater, President of the Hoquiam business association, Cosi city councilman, coastal harvest board of directors, Miss Grays Harbor pageant, and several other things. He is also a Hoquiam Mason. He has a passion for politics and on the future wants to run for mayor of Cosi and later county commissioner. He only wants to  into things that matter locally. .Keep up the good work Kyle!

Pot – Ed Wayman (but he left early)